5 Alternative Uses for your Old iPad

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Now that the iPad has gone through several generations, a lot of iPad owners are thinking of getting rid of their old iPad and buy the new one. But the old iPad can still be put to good use. And with Apple dropping the price of their previous iPad and the online marketplaces overflowing with people trying to get rid of their old iPad, you might not always get the price you had in mind. So before you sell your old iPad online; consider this list of alternative ways to use your old iPad.

1. Kitchen iPad

One of the many places where you’ll find an iPad is in the kitchen of people. It might be because it’s one of those places where a television might be out of reach and a laptop could just get in the way of things. But we all like to listen to music, watch the news or following recipes while we’re in the kitchen. An embedded, dedicated iPad somewhere in the kitchen could be a great solution for that. One Alan Daly mounted his iPad in a kitchen cabinet as shown in the video and picture below. If cutting up the of your kitchen cabinet is a step too far for you there is always the option of using cookbook stands to hold your iPad in the kitchen.


kitchen ipad

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