8 Predictions of the Future from 100 Years Ago

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8 Predictions of the Future from 100 Years Ago

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When you think of what the world might look like in a 100 years’ time it’s easy to let you imagination run wild. And that is exactly what this French artist (Jean-Marc Côté) did in the year 1900. These drawings are his prediction (hope or expectation?) of the year 2000.

But just like we still don’t have hover boards or flying cars like we predicted in 1989, we don’t move around in propeller driven winged cabs.

It seems our ideas of the technology of the future are very much connected to what the potential applications could be of the ‘latest thing’ at that time. In these drawings it’s clearly all about flight and mechanical devices. The interesting things about the future is that we can only say there will definitely be things we couldn’t even image a hundred years earlier.
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