Bend to Zoom displays

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Bend to Zoom displays


Some time ago we talked about the introduction of a new technology by 3M that allowed flexible touchscreens and we stated that it was just a matter of time before the technology would be put to use. Looks like we’re there! Last week a few manufacturers presented prototypes of devices with this technology put to use. Nokia introduced the Nokia Kinetic Device (video below) that uses bending of the device as a form of input to, for example, ‘pinch to zoom’ (or in this case ‘bend to zoom’).

And some days later Samsung’s Vice President reportedly stated that their company will come out with a smartphone and/or table with flexible touchscreen somewhere in 2012 (again: video below of an earlier prototype).

Things are moving quickly! And the time between renders of awesome concepts to actual products in the stores seems to get shorter every year!

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