Future of Touch Screens [VIDEO]

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Future of Touch Screens [VIDEO]


As we just reported on a future prediction from an artist in 1900 it’s now time for a future prediction of today. Corning, the company behind the popularGorilla Glass for touchscreens, made this video in which they show off their future predictions for touchscreens. It makes for a mind-boggling display of hidden interactive screens in nearly all surfaces. A very realistic scenario in our vision, although actual touch interaction will probably become more redundant with highly intelligent predictions. Nobody wants to get up to touch the TV to change a channel or spend 10 minutes touching screens in the car before leaving. It might simply know there’s a 98% chance you’ll want to drive to the office, or to the meeting you have in your calendar. We also expect sophisticated voice recognition to become one of the major ways of interaction.

It’s an inspiring video that make you wonder about things like these. Great fun to watch! We can’t wait!

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