Futuristic Concept Cameras

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Futuristic Concept Cameras


The last two weeks a few future camera concepts (products that are designed as inspiration but haven’t yet found their way onto the production line) have shown up on the internet with some interesting and noticeable features. The two concepts we show here both make use of a smart detachable body and lens system and this seems to make a lot of sense! Technology changes rapidly and electronics are made smaller and faster every year but the way light acts can’t be changed explaining why a lot of the lens technology we use now has been around since the earliest photo cameras. To take high quality pictures you will probably (for now at least) always need a ‘large’ lens. These concepts, though very futuristic, clearly didn’t forget about the importance of a proper lens surface but managed to combine that with the high tech interfaces and connectivity we are growing used to.

The WVIL concept camera by Artefact combines a (wireless) lens with a body that has all the feature of a smartphone. The LEICA i9 for iPhone 4 goes a step further on that and actually uses your smartphone as part of the body. Things like editing and sharing can then be done instantly from the device itself. The pictures and videos below (including some of the typical Apple product video music all concept videos now seem to be using) tell the whole story.




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