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Transparent touch screen phone
Technology brings us new gadgets every day but we've always seemed to be dreaming of gadgets more than we see them come to reality. We wrote about historical predictions of future technology before but unfortunately cars are still not flying and Mattel still didn't make that hoverboard yet. However, it seems like the last couple of years we've been seeing more 'futuristic' gadgets come to life and transparent screens definitely fit that (...)  read more
Time it Takes to
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it flies, other times it seems to crawl by. How long is 15 minutes really? Or 2 months? Those things can make a lot more sense when you put it in some perspective. For example by how much you could do in that period of time. "Time it Takes to..." is a cool little webapp calculator that translates your time into things you can (...)  read more
Samsung Galaxy Note video review
An extended review on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The new tablet phone with a huge 3.5 inch Super AMOLED display. After using the phone for about a month this video shows all the pros and cons of this unusual new smartphone. Below the video is a full list of the specifications and links that are mentioned in the video. (...)  read more
From Google
Bend to Zoom
Some time ago we talked about the introduction of a new technology by 3M that allowed flexible touchscreens and we stated that it was just a matter of time before the technology would be put to use. Looks like we’re there! Last week a few manufacturers presented prototypes of devices with this technology put to use. Nokia introduced the Nokia Kinetic Device (video below) that uses bending of the device as a form of input to, for example, ‘pinch to zoom’ (or in this case ‘bend to zoom’). And some (...)  read more
Feelings for Siri
How many of you have your phone lying next to you in bed at night? Or feel a form of anxiety or emptiness when your phone is not around or not working? Chances are you recognize this. You can argue whether this is a bad thing or not, and though many will probably have the realization with a sense of embarrassment,  the fact remains that most of us are in some way emotionally attached to our mobile (...)  read more
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