Hidden TV in Mirror

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Hidden TV in Mirror


A company called MirrorMedia found a way to change LCD or plasma surface into a mirror when switched off. The screens have all the specs of a modern television with the only difference that when you turn it off, it’s a mirror. MirrorMedia seems to focus on the living room solution: a television in a mirror-like frame. But that doesn’t seem to make much sense. You don’t really need a mirror in a place where you sit and watch TV, and you don’t really need a TV where you would have a mirror. Unless it’s in the bathroom. Usually the only room in a house that uses technology invented before the 50’s (probably the waterproof radio). The Bathroom MirrorTV would make a great secondary display for the home media center. ElectricMirror (image) also works on the same concept although it’s not clear if their screens are also mirrors when turned off.

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