iPhone Dock Keyboard

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iPhone Dock Keyboard


Most of us sit behind a computer for a large portion of the day. And oftentimes there’s a phone lying next to it. The Omnio WOWkeys keyboard combines the two in a quite clever way. It’s basically a keyboard with an iPhone or iPod dock on the right side. It has a USB connection and will charge the phone while connected. But the iPhone can also be controlled with the keyboard. With the push of a button you control either your PC/Mac or your iPhone. Imagine a situation where you’re working behind your computer and get some text messages on your phone you quickly want to reply to. You won’t have to switch from your computer to your phone but can simply use the comfort of your keyboard to quickly reply. The keyboard also has 12 dedicated iPhone hotkeys for music control on your iPhone or to turn the screen off and on.

But it can also work the other way around. With the help of some apps you can, for example, use the iPhone as a trackpad for your computer or as a dynamic customizable keyboard extension like a numpad or a touchscreen with shortcuts to actions you use a lot on your computer. With this two way traffic you combine the power of both your iPhone and your computer, instead of just having a loose phone dangling on the edge of your desk. In our opinion the synergy of the phone and computer would be more complete if voice calls would also be routed to your computer’s speakers and built-in microphone so the control of your iPhone on the computer would be complete (are you listening Apple? A MacBook with built-in iPhone dock that would also share the 3G connection perhaps?). Granted, an external USB keyboard won’t make much if you’re sitting behind a laptop. And the advertised ‘mobile’ use of carrying around a full sized qwerty-keyboard for your iPhone in the train is actually close to absurd. But we can certainly think of situations where this $100,- gadget fits perfectly. More detailed pictures below.




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