Philip AmbiLux 4K Television: Ambilight on steroids

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Philip AmbiLux 4K Television: Ambilight on steroids


Philips demonstrated its new Ambilux 4K television today that used ‘Ambilight Projection’ technology. You might be familiar with Philips’ Ambilight technology that lights the wall behind the TV to match the content shown on the television, to create a more immersive experience that should also be calmer on the eyes. The projection technology takes this one step further.

Instead of just having colored LEDs to light the wall behind the TV, the Ambilux uses 10 tiny projectors to give an even more detailed projection of the edges of the screen, effectively fading out the screen’s content over the wall behind it.

The Philips TVĀ is powered by Android TV software to use all your smartTV apps and can even make the projectors react to the music you are playing on the device. If you really want to go all-in with the immersive light experience, the Ambilux TV can even connect to Philips’ already existing Hue Smart Lighting lightbulbs over WiFi to make the entire room change color and intensity in sync with the content that is playing on the TV.

The video below shows the demonstration of the technology.

More details in the press release.

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