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Ceramic speakers
There is something very lovable about technology with a natural, physical feel. It’s something designers often pursue. From the desktop and trashcan metaphor with objects that have natural shades, to Apple designers making an ebook flip pages and using wood elements in their apps. You see this ‘earthy’ masking of technology happening in physical objects more and more too and these natural speakers by Dutch design studio Joon & Jung are a beautiful example of that. With the ceramic, wood and (...)  read more
Invisible speakers
If you like a minimalistic design in your living room, these are the speakers for you. The Sonance SA2 speakers are very slim and actually designed to be hidden inside a wall or ceiling. Installing them might be a hassle but once they're in their place, according to Sonance, you can cover them up with wallpaper or latex paint to make them invisible. The datasheet shows some good numbers and a patented technique should give a full, warm sound despite the thin back box. But datasheets don't (...)  read more
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