Remote Controls

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Remote Controls


The first remote control in 1950 was a box with buttons on it. Not much has changed. Remote controls feel a bit like login passwords; we use them every day, we know there must be a better way but no one has found the ultimate alternative yet. Companies like Microsoft are certainly trying with products like the motion and voice sensing Kinect. And Apple and Google too seem to set course to -permanently listening- voice control. Still, boxes with buttons we lose in the couch remain to be the standard for the time being.

A new Kickstarter project called NEEO aims to at least make the box with buttons experience a little more pleasing as the video below explains. And many seem to agree: within days of launching the project’s $50,000.- goal was well exceeded.

It might not be the ultimate alternative to controlling devices with buttoned boxes but it is certainly a very good looking and clever step in between. This experience doesn’t come cheap though. With a pledge of $199,- to the Kickstarter project you will be among the first to receive the remote and its central command station. The eventual estimated retail price is $299,-.


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